Baptism August 28

Baptism is significant in that it represents the forgiveness and cleansing from sin that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism publicly acknowledges one’s confession of faith and belief in the gospel message. It also symbolizes the sinner’s entrance into the community of believers (the church).

In Christian theology, a baptism is a kind of rebirth; a washing away of original sin and a purification of the soul. According to the Bible, the first known baptism occurred with Jesus, sometime around 30 AD, when he was baptized in the River Jordan by his disciple John (later known as John the Baptist).

This is the first Baptism at New Birth since 2020 and it’s going to be a huge celebration! Join us for our Baptism Bash on our lawn Sunday, August 28 after our Worship Service. We invite you to come whether you are getting baptized for the first time or want to rededicate your life to Christ. We have a special day planned for you and your entire family. Come to New Birth for a day of celebration, fellowship, food and renewal.

Baptism August 28, 2022

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