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iTithe Challenge

The iTithe challenge is a church wide initiative where everyone can participate and take their trust in God to the next level through disciplined giving.  If you are a New Member, Young Adult, Reoccurring Visitor, or someone who is ready to recommit in the area of giving tithes and offering, we invite you to sign up today!  

Tithing is a biblical principle where believers give 10% of their income to support the work of the church and community. Tithing is not just a financial practice; it is a spiritual act of obedience, reflecting our gratitude for all we have received and in faith to receive. 

By signing up for the iTithe Challenge, you will be placed within our community intentionally curated for you to receive FREE gifts, resources from the church, messages from Dr. Bryant, podcasts and more.


iTithe Challenge


Existing Tithers

To all of our existing Tithers and ministry partners, thank you so much for supporting the work of New Birth Church. Your continual sacrifice has been the bedrock of our impact; let’s continue sowing into this good ground together. Please refrain from joining the challenge and continue giving your Tithes and Offerings regularly.

Why Give?

It’s based on the promises of God in Malachi 3:10.

“Test me in this … and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

We return to the Lord 10% of what He’s given us because it belongs to Him.

I’m ready to trust God with my finances!


Why is there an iTithe Challenge?

New Birth believes in the biblical principle of tithes and offering and desires for all members and friends to receive the blessings that come through this act of faithful obedience.

Should I sign up if I tithe already?

Thank you for your existing partnership with supporting the Kingdom affairs through the local body of New Birth Church.

Should I join the iTithe Challenge?

Yes, if you are not currently participating in regular tithing?

When can I pay my tithes?

You’re welcome to tithe at any time!

Note: 3rd Sunday is our church wide invitation to our new members and frequent visitors to join the iTithe challenge.

What happens once I join the Challenge?

Our iTithe team will correspond with you throughout the year with free gifts, special offers, and other additional resources.

How long is the iTithe challenge commitment?

There are no timeline commitments to the iTithe challenge, as this is a personal act of obedience to God.